Harmony Wheatgrass
Green Waters is an alkaline water infused with Wheat Grass and Green Tea
Green Waters alkaline warer reduces infections, flu and colds. Immunity weakens with more and more acidity in our body and thus we fall sick more frequently. Alkaline water can help build up alkaline reserves and neutralizes acids helping our body to recuperate and grow strong.
Dangers Of Not Eating Alkaline

“Eating an alkaline diet was key in helping me get my health back; it saved my life!” — Diana
According to Doctor William Howard Hay from New York, all disease is caused by ‘self-poisoning’ due to acid accumulation in the body. Acid/alkaline imbalance causing disease is not a new concept: Dr. Hay said that in 1933, in his book A New Health Era.

Results of eating too many foods that are acid-forming:

1. Acid-forming foods deplete the minerals in our body. Our blood and cellular fluid will become too acidic. To control this, the body will steal minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from the bones, cartilage tissue, and muscles to create the balance. This is the beginning of osteoporosis and arthritis.Joints dry out, becoming stiff and less flexible.
There is pain in the lower back and muscle stiffness.
2.  Risk of heart attack and stroke increases due to the build-up of plaque and weakened blood vessels.
3.  Dry and wrinkled skin occurs more rapidly.
4.  Blood sugar fluctuations and diabetes are more likely.
5.  Digestive problems increase.
6.  Constipation increases, due to lack of digestion.
7.  Weight gain occurs, with a difficulty in losing weight.
8.  Weakened immune system.
9.  Weakened glands and organs.
10.  Headaches and depression.
Price: $6.00 Per Half Gallon
Case: $36.00 (6 Half Gallons)